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    The first Journal of JMINIM-An Ultrasonics Sonochemistry Special Issue successfully published
    2013-07-18 13:14:00

    On July 13-14, 2013, the first Yangtzi International Summit of  Minimally-invasive & Non-invasive Medicine was successfully held in Chongqing, China. On this summit, the International Society of Minimally-invasive & Non-invasive Medicine was founded. The Society dedicated to study and to spread the minimally-invasive & non-invasive medicine with first-class standard through education, research and clinical application; to promote the research in the field of minimally-invasive & non-invasive and science subjects related; to improve the quality of the research and personalized medical services; to consolidate the relationship between the members in minimally-invasive & non-invasive medicine and branches, and to strengthen the co-operation between the members and relevant medical specialists.

    In the meantime, the Society planned to publish a novel journal, Journal of Minimally-invasive & Non-invasive Medicine (JMINIM). A total of 13 expert speakers from the 2013 1st Yangtzi Summit were invited to submit their papers for the first publication.


    The first JMINIM issue, as a special Issue of Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, was expectably born on Jul. 15, 2015. The 13 articles from the magazine were divided into five categories-Opinion/Vision, Summaries, Medical Philosophy/Ethics, Researching Papers, and Individual Reports. Medical sciences, technology and human cultures were perfectly integrated into the magazine and revealed the extensive and various clinical applications of HIFU technology from different perspectives.


    This Special Issue can be located from the link below:


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