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    Seapopinna Model CZB Ultrasound Therapeutic Device for Rhinitis

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    Indication: Allergic rhinitis


    ? Non-invasive Treatment: No surgical wound, no foreign object implanting, no additional harm;
    ? Patient-friendly Treatment: An outpatient procedure, no nasal packing;
    ? Convenient Data Management: Capacity of 40,000 patient records.


    ? Safe: protecting and maintaining the structure of nasal cavity and nasal mucosa without any nose bleed, adhesion of nasal cavity, mycteroxerosis or postnasal drip;
    ? Repeatable: flexible clinical protocol for individuals;
    ? User-friendly: 5-10mins treatment, easy to command;
    ? Environment-friendly: no radioactive pollution or smog.

    Approvals: China: CFDA

    Package Price: one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($150,000) to two hundred thousand US dollars ($200,000)


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