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    Queen Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong, China
    2017-07-19 15:57:00

    Queen Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong, China

    Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) is one of the largest acute regional hospitals of Hong Kong. QMH is also the teaching hospital for the University of Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.
    Ever since its establishment in 1937, the hospital has strived to provide the highest quality of patient-centred service possible to the people of Hong Kong with empathy, expertise and excellence. Over the past 72 years they have transformed the juxta-position of metal and concrete into a friendly hospital which looks after the visitors' access, comfort and convenience.
    Haifu JC focused ultrasound tumour therapeutic system was introduced into QMH in 2006, and mainly be used for the treatment of liver cancer and uterine fibroids.
    Contact information:
    Add: Queen Mary Hospital, 102 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong SAR
    Tel: 2255-3111
    E-mail: qmh_enquiry@ha.org.hk


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