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    Hospital of Mutua De Terrassa University, Spain
    2017-07-19 15:59:00

    Mutua de Terrassa is a corporate founded in 1900 with a market value of 240 million euros. Its goal is to contribute to the society, protect and improve human health.
    Hospital University of Mutua De Terrassa, founded in 1976, is a combination of regional general hospital and educational hospital subordinated to Mutua de Terrassa, it’s one of the major components in the public hospital net in Spain providing medical service to patients with social insurance. There are 34 departments and service center, as well as 481 sickbeds.
    Haifu JC focused ultrasound tumour therapeutic system was introduced into HMT in 2008, and was mainly used for the treatment of malignancies including liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bone tumor, soft tissue tumor as well as large number of uterine fibroids.

    Contact information:
    Add: Pla?a Doctor Robert 08221 Terrassa
    Tel: +93 736 50 50
    Fax:+93 736 50 04


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